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Unication G1 Promotions

(valid from 4/15/15 - 6/30/15)

Promotion 1:

     Buy 10 Unication G1 pagers and receive the 11th one FREE and a FREE programming kit.

Promotion 2:

     For each Unication G1 purchased, trade in any of the following voice pagers and receive the respective amount as credit towards your purchase:


     I.  Motorola Minitor IV         $150

    II.  Motorola Minitor V          $100

   III.  Any other voice pager        $50


     Trade-ins are 1 trade-in Unication G1 purchased.


Disclaimer:  Only 1 promotion is valid per order and they may not be combined.  ALL promotions are still valid on quantity discounts.


Unication LegendPlus and E3 Alpha Pagers on Sale

Save Over 15% OFF

     Through the end of May, we are selling Unication LegendPlus and E3 alpha-numeric at unbeatable savings.  Unication has been running a number of promotions on the Unication G1 voice pagers and we want to continue saving you money on your next alpha-numeric purchase.

     With our next shipment, we will have over 200 E3 pagers in stock.  Contact us for an estimate on any of our alpha-numeric pagers.



  MAKIN' THE HIT has challenged all the other pager manufacturers to the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Let's go Motorola, Apollo, Swissphone and Watchdog.  Let's see your video and how well your pager works at the end of it.  

Unication Partners with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Unication will donate $20 for every RED voice pager purchased to help the families of fallen firefighters.



The GSM Model is now available for purchase, with or without a SIM card and data only plan!

The G1 GSM model pager operates on a SIM card with a data only plan.  HRN offers SIM cards with texting only plans that are 'pay as you go'. 

Contact us for a package deal on the Unication G1.

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Authorized Unication Dealer

HRN is moving forward in the communications industry.  HRN is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Unication Co, LTD. to become an authorized dealer.

As an authorized Unication dealer, HRN has increased our products and services that can be offered to you for your business, hobby, or public service organization.


Unication G1  - Low/VHF/UHF Bands                         

The Unication G1 pager is IP67 rated.  The G1 is fully water submersible and is rated for dust protection.  The rugged design meets the tough demands of emergency service personnel and is now available.  The G1 is ready to never leave your side. 

Integrated 2 tone with , CTCSS / CDCSS, and 5/6 tone, Unication voice pager, G1, can receive voice messages from not only a dispatch center but also from a 2 way radio at the scene. This capability allows firefighters who are inside the fire ground to capture the further instructions from a scene commander who is outside and would have the most understanding about any changes and overall situation. With the new updates, the firefighters will be able to make the critical moves when the fire is out of control. In the meanwhile, alphanumeric pagers are helpless to this scenario.

G1 voice pager additionally comes forward offering emergent communication that enables the trapped firefighters to connect back-up units for timely help.

Unication E3

Emergency services normally operate missions from more than one organization and medical practitioners need to stay connected even when off-duty back home. Wearing two pagers for receiving messages across different frequencies and networks becomes ordinary but extremely inconvenient in this application.

E Series Rugged Pager, now is the answer. Unication Co., Ltd. / Uni., a leader in wireless paging technologies, features the unique dual-frequency paging integrated with the popular new GSM/ GPRS technology to the up-to-date pager which not only can receive signal from two different frequencies, the auto scanning between frequencies saves all the hassles from manual operation.

From large public safety units, hospitals, fire units, multi-departmented corporate settings and busy smaller businesses to restaurants, hotels and everything in between, smooth, efficient communications make the whole organization process and service better. When everybody's in touch, precious time is saved, missions are acknowledged and completed smoothly.

E Series Rugged Pager comes in 4 different models because Uni. Group understands, with long experience and expertise in the paging industry, different services need different requirements. The four models are:

▪ E Series-B Basic Model (Basic Dual Frequency Pager)
▪ E Series-G GSM Model (Basic Dual Frequency Pager with GSM/ GPRS Module)


  Motorola Equipment

HRN sells new and used Motorola Pagers at reasonable and affordable pricing.   We have most units in stock. 

Due to the cost of converting Motorola Minitor II pagers, we do not keep those in stock, however, can be converted as for you when you order them. 

Motorola Minitor IV and V pagers are readily available, but are becoming increasingly harder to find in low band.

While researching information on your next product, check our inventory and pricing and see what we can offer you.