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Motorola CDM1250 Mobile

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Product Description

Perfect for growing organizations, the flexible CDM1250 TM two-way mobile can readily expand to meet rapidly changing business needs. The large 14-character alphanumeric display with user-friendly icons helps make information easy to understand. A full range of signaling capabilities lets you instantly see who's sending you transmissions, notify others you're trying to reach them even when they're away from their vehicles, and program your radio to call a specific group or individual. The versatility of the CDM1250 mobile helps you keep productivity at its highest, no matter how fast your business grows.

Product Features

The CDM1250 has the following additional features:

  • 64 channels
  • 14-Character Alphanumeric Display
  • Reliable and Durable
  • The CDM750, like all Motorola two-way radios, has passed the unique Motorola Accelerated Life Test which simulates 5 years hard use in real-life conditions. Designed for use in extreme operating conditions, the GM140 exceeds the demanding requirements set out in US Military Standards and IP54 specification.
  • Ease of Use
  • The simple push-button operation, combined with easily understood LED indicators, allows your employees to communicate effectively with minimal training. User-friendliness is further enhanced through the use of swappable, programmable buttons. This means that those features most valued by your workforce can be programmed to specific buttons labeled with instantly recognized icons.
  • 4 Customizable Function Buttons
  • Mointor/Permanent Monitor
  • Repeater Talkaround - If your system utilizes a repeater, the Repeater Talkaround feature helps ensure that, in the absence of the repeater, local communications resume at the push of a button.
  • Scanning - The CDM Series radios support scanning to allow activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered, thus ensuring that critical calls are received. The CDM1250 also supports Dual Priority Scan.
  • MDC1200 Encode Signaling
  • Caller ID Encode
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • RSSI Indicator
  • Caller ID
  • Quik Call II
  • Call Alert
  • Selective Call
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • Selective Radio Inhibit
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Horn and Lights Activation
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • The Motorola X-Pand audio enhancement system helps to ensure that voice communications are heard first time, every time, even in noisy working environments
  • Optional Voice Storage