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Dual Frequency
Scheduling switch ensures the receiving channels are adjusted automatically when duty is switched. Unication has combined two pagers as one, and also provides an efficient, accurate and reliable alerting receiver to public safety market.

Most of all, dispatch center will ensure all the incidents will be able to be supported by emergency rescuers, no worries of which channel the receiver is using. No more missing messages and helpless incidents.

Leading Code System
Usually rescuer personnel has to read the whole messages then takes the action on preparing for the emergency incident, in this way, the most critical period to be able to save people's lives has been wasted. Unication provides Leading code system to help the rescuer identify the classification of the messages in advance, they are able to take the proper preparation immediately for the specific incidents when they just get the message. No more critical time to waste on the preparation before arriving the incident scene. A more efficient solution is provided to the dispatch centers and rescuers.

Data transmission security has getting its importance in digital POCSAG paging. Unication's comprehensive program and sophisticated encryption algorithms tie the security and flexibility by OTA. In addition, automatic periodic encryption key variations allow the message management determine security bar.

Encryption technology ensures all the transmitting data are?protected assuredly. Unication's Dili- console has been built with an encryption solution to ensure all the transmitting data is surely protected. Unication's compatible software is able to work with the current encryption format.

Rapid Call
Rapid Call innovates the usual POCSAG paging network. A swift and efficient solution on dispatching has been provided by Unication's system. Rapid call system enhances the efficiency on sending emergency text messages to the specific rescue personnel or hundreds rescuers, more time on typing the same messages is saved, more time on sending the same messages to bunch of rescuers is saved. When more resource is harnessed and allotted well, more emergency incidents can be supported efficiently and swiftly.

Cell-phone like Operation
Die Handhabung des Rugged Pagers erlaubt eine intuitive Nutzung mit vielseitigen Funktionalitäten und stellt damit alle seine Mitbewerbern in den Schatten. Unication ist der festen Überzeugung, dass es nicht genügt, Zweitbester zu sein, und ist daher bemüht, seine Technologien ständig zu verbessern.

Ein nutzerfreundliches Interface zur Verfügung zu stellen ist das oberste Ziel des Unternehmens. Der Rugged Pager ist mit einer benutzerfreundlichen und handyähnlichen Bedienung ausgestattet. Das macht das Gerät einfach aber auch vielseitig. Graphische Nutzer-Interface sind für alle Pagernutzer weltweit die dynamischste und einfachste Anzeige. Deshalb lieben die Nutzer diesen Pager. Dynamische Tasten-Anzeige ist eine weitere innovative Entwicklung für den Pager. Man hat damit ein besseres Verständnis für die bevorstehenden Rettungsaufgaben. Und man braucht praktisch kein Training mehr für die Benutzung des Pagers.

Message Acknowledgement
Integrated with GSM/ GPRS module into POCSAG alerting, rugged pager now enables its alert recipients sending an acknowledgement to confirm whether he or she can carry out a task or operation. The design of functionality can facilitate a dispatch center to manage how many emergency responders will take part in the incident.

Similarly, when negative confirmations are received, a dispatch center can arrange further back-up mobilizations automatically, accurately, and more important, timely. Hence, Message Acknowledgement supplements 1 way communication shortcomings, advances dispatch efficiency, and retrenches the consumption of rescue resources.

Dispatch System Console:
No System Migration Needed, Just Fit In
Managing all the ins and outs, the console is the brain of the intelligent system. To easily implement Rapid call, Leading call system, Encryption and GSM responses as an overall package without any current system replacement, the control center will be supported by the system and provide swift and secure response to every emergency operation.

- Touch Screen User Interface
- Acknowledgement Status Report
- Workforce Analysis
- Report Exportable to Excel
- Employment Allotment Facility
- Shorten message transmission time and efforts.
- Scarce resource is harnessed efficiently.
- Sensitive and Confidential data is protected.
- Encryption key changed periodically to ensure the high-level protection.
- Auto-pilot acknowledgement message analysis and management.

Dispatch System Server:
A Real-time-run System Backs Up Your Real Time Services
Diligent server completes the new dispatch solution. All the messaging history and acknowledgment are stored for task subject and number, message content, recipient group, broadcast date and time, task work force, and acknowledgement result. Further more, grouping with Unication Dispatch Console solution, speech-to-text comes to be a reality application and facilitates the data preservation.

- Speech-to-text Data Entering
- Auto-pilot Management
- Friendly Configuration
- Stand-alone Implement
- Large Storage Facility
- Message History
- Auto and Scheduling Data Backup
- Authority Level Control
- Seamless Firewall
- Wi-Fi and Off-side Management

Note : For the overview of all the features of the different models of Rugged pager, please click here.
General Specifications


E Series-B
Basic Model
E Series-G
GSM Model
Channel Spacing Narrow and Wide Band PPS
10/12.5 KHz / 20/ 25 KHz

Band Split and Frequency Range

VHF A 137-148 MHz
VHF B 148-161 MHz
VHF C 161-174 MHz
UHF D 448-462 MHz
UHF E 458-470 MHz
UHF F 462-476 MHz



Maximum Memory Capacity

32 User Profiles

Address Capability

32 RIC with 128 addresses
64 RIC with 128 addresses

Alert Tone SPL Minimum Audio Level
SPL<= 88dB in 30 CM

Battery Type One Standard 1.5 V AA Alkaline Battery or Rechargeable AA Ni-MH Battery

plus 3.7 V Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery pre-installed
Battery Life 30 days
(24 hrs on; 2 pages a day)
* Without GSM & Voice functions used

Operating Temperature  
-200 C ~ +500 C


-100 C ~ +500 C

Storage Temperature -400 C ~ +800 C

Relative Humidity < 90%

Display Regular :
9 Lines X 22 Characters
Zoom Out :
7 Lines X 16 Characters

Accessories Standard Einfachladegerät,
Leather Case, Standard Basic Charger,
Advanced Charger, Product Configuration
Programmer, Back up/ Restore DVD,
Standard AA Alkaline Battery,
Rechargeable AA Ni-MH Battery
(Unication ordering Part No. #T65RUG0001)

Weight 85.24 g (w/o GSM & SV options)

85.24 g 110.6 g
(Include LI-ION Battery)
Dimension(HxWxD) 82.5x55x24.5(mm)

Certifications Schocktest: IEC60068-2-27
Shock Test: IEC60068-2-27
Vibration Test: IEC 68-2-6
Water & Dust Proof: IP 64
ATEX (optional)

FCC Certifications FCC 47 Part 22, Part 24
(GSM 1900)
FCC 47 Part 15


RF Hardware Specifications

Channel Wide Band

Channel Spacing 20/ 25 kHz (S/W PPS Selection)

Band Split and Frequency Range VHF (137 - 174 MHz)
A Band Split 137 MHz - 148 MHz
B Band Split 148 MHz - 161 MHz
C Band Split 161 MHz - 174 MHz

UHF (448 - 476 MHz)
D Band Split 448 MHz - 462 MHz
E Band Split 458 MHz - 470 MHz
F Band Split 462 MHz - 476 MHz

Receiver Type Synthesized

Baud Rate (bps) 512






Sensitivity (uV/m) 3






Selectivity (dB) > 55

> 60

Image Rejection > 55

Spurious Rejection > 70

Inter-Modulation Rejection

> 55

Frequency Deviation +/- 2.5 KHz

+/- 4.5 KHz

Oscillator Stability
+/- 5 ppm

+/- 10 ppm

Co-channel Rejection > -8 dB

Spurious Emission < 2 nW


E Series-G GSM Model Specifications

System-North America

GSM - 850

DCS - 1800/ PCS - 1900

System - Other GSM - 900

DCS - 1800/ PCS - 1900

Band Width and Frequency Range 80 MHz in EGSM 900
70 MHz in GSM 850

170 MHz in DCS
140 MHz in PCS

Sensitivity -107 dBm

-106 dBm

Support SMS 1. Mobile Terminated (MT) class 0-3 with signalling of new incoming SMS, SIM full, SMS read
2. Mobile Originated Class 0-3 with writing, memorize in SIM and sending
3. Cell Broadcast compatible with CB DRX with signalling of new incoming SMS.

Power Supply Pager Internal secondary Li-Polymer Battery 150 mAh
Nominal Operating Voltage : 3.8 V
Operating Voltage Range : 3.4 ~ 4.2 V

Secondary Battery Recharge Time On Charger Base : Max. 2 hrs
Internal Charger : Max. 8 hrs

Operating Temperature -100 C ~ +500 C

Certification : Absorption Rate, SAR

IEC 62209-2

Certification :
GSM (Radio Spectrum) Standards : EN 301 511 and 3GPP 51.010-1
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Standards : EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-7
LVD (Low Voltage Directive) Standards : EN 60 950