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Unication G1

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Unication G1

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The G1 is the most rugged pager on the market and comes with the equipment following:

  • G1 Pager

  • Standard Charger

  • 2 NiMH AA Batteries

  • Standard 2 Yr Warranty

  • IP67 Water Submersible and Dust Rating

  • Top Rated RF Perfomance


  • 64 Channels

  • 16 Minutes of Voice Storage

  • 11 Minutes of Voice Memo

  • 5 Scan Modes (Priority, Normal, Silent, Dual Channel and Free)

  • 7 LCD Backlight colors to show which alert tones were activated

  • Bluetooth optional (supports stereo headphones)

  • Supports both Rechargable AAA (included) or Alkaline batteries

  • Available in Black, Yellow and Red!


I have spoken to Unication and Hoffman Radio Network.
Both have listen to the needs of the fire service and they now have a fix for this pager. After using this pager for the better part of 2 months!
here is what I have found.

1. Receive is exceptional and in some cases received better than my fire radio in the truck
2. Allows you to hear Tac Channels and well as the repeaters and dispatch frequencies
3 Ease of programming scan channels
4 great for Mutual aid so at the very least you can hear your out of town trucks and command without the need for another radio.
5. Buy this Pager it is the Best pager on the Market and to be totally Honest here the technical support is Superb! Hoffman Radio Netorks and Unication actually listen to their customers and their recommendations.
6. the unit is WATER PROOF and that is a a great thing.
7. Praise goes out to Hoffman Radio Network and Unication and their engineers and software people.


~ Larry Berkowitz, Theils NY

I have been in the fire service for 40 years and have always had Minitor pagers.  I always thought they were state of the art.  I went out on a limb and purchased, on my own, a Unication G1 pager.  In the short time I have had the pager, I have found the features, the sensitivity, the reliability far superior to any Motorola pagers that I have had in the past.  This pager, with the features, needs to be advertised more in the emergency responder field.  The features are totally, totally outstanding and versatile to the needs, especially to the volunteer service.   

The other day I was standing beside a Minitor III and my pager, the Unification pager, on my side and the sensitivity was excellent.  The G1 picked up and the Motorola did not.  I have been working with Jason Hoffman with Hoffman Radio in Pennsylvania.  He is great to deal with. 

~ Fred Bender, Enola PA

Just wanted to let you know the pager is great. Love the way it works. I appreciate all your help. Thanks again.

~ John Bruetsch, Summerdale PA


These pagers have just completed testing by Emergency Service Personnel throughout the US, including fire companies in Perry, Huntingdon, Juniata and Fulton Counties in PA, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

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